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I recommend you subscribe to these newsletters. If you can’t afford to pay for information, ngmi.

  • BowTied Bull Substack (formerly Wall Street Playboys)
  • Defi Education Substack (run by BowTied Bull)
  • Investopedia (very neutral/unbiased definitions of financial terms.)
  • Bankless (Has many explainer articles that help you make sense of the world that is to come. It is also a platform for new projects to shill themselves though.)

Tradingview is hands down the best charting platform for stock and crypto. A free account is useful enough, but the Pro plan is very much worth it.

Where to buy crypto

Only listing the ones I have experience with.

Fiat to crypto:

  • Bitstamp (Europe)
  • Kraken (Europe)

Crypto to crypto:

  • Centralized
    • Binance
    • Kucoin
    • Huobi
    • Bittrex
    • Poloniex
  • Decentralized
    • Uniswap
    • Sushiswap
    • 1inch
    • Curve
    • DODO
    • Pancakeswap

Reading Material

Van Tharp’s Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom is everything you need in a single book. There are so many people selling people selling their trading systems out there and promising some secret sauce. This book, on the other hand, shows you that there is no secret sauce, puts all those trading systems out there into perspective (they’re just diet/workout plans that you have to stick to), and how to fashion your own trading philosophy that suits you.

Your Personality and Successful Trading will tell you about the ravages trading will wreck on your psyche.

The Intelligent Poker Player by Philip Newall: poker players do very well in trading. The first part is just about poker; the second part is where the gold is at, although it’s interesting he considers investing low risk.