A Blockchain Use Case for Dancers

Hellen the dancer

wants to make a name for herself, so she uploads a video to Youtube, err, I mean, Odysee/LBRY.tv, which are just the same thing in the background, the LBRY blockchain.

Uploading the video and reserving the channel name @ZoukBerlin costs some LBRY Credits (LBC).

The end result is that the website doesn’t have to show ads, annoying everyone, to sustain itself. It earns from the very act of people uploading and curating videos.

People can choose to tip her in LBC, or support her video (again with LBC) which helps it move up in the search results.

Imagine if a normal company did this with their own credits system. They’d make it impossible for people to cash out their custom credits, locking people in! Those travel companies are doing it right now as we speak.

As people tip her LBC, Hellen could use those to boost her videos, or cash out by converting them to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or anything else. It’s a balancing act.

The Video In Question

Youtube is famous for demonetizing videos for whatever reason. Since Hellen doesn’t usually dance to silence, inevitably some record company will step up and say:

Using our song in your video is a privilege. All proceeds belong to us now, thanks!

Hellen doesn’t think so, naturally. Anselmo Ralph should be honoured that she wanted to dance to his song! Indeed, if you asked the artist himself, he might even say:

Hey, thank you for dancing to my song! (nice ass)

Suffice to say this doesn’t happen on blockchain platforms. If LBRY ever considers demonetizing videos based on their audio, as a LBC token holder, Hellen and many other content creators can even vote on the issue.

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