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Life isn’t getting any easier.

Look at the old people around you living on their pensions. Are they prospering, enjoying the free time they were promised, or are they barely scraping by each month?

Saving isn’t going to save you either. The government wants to inflate the currency ever so slightly, to motivate us to keep working. You can’t save too much either, or it’ll be taxed away.

If countries would compete for your presence, would they ever ask for 48% of your earnings?

Crypto is the one big chance we have.

For once, we have a money that doesn’t depend on a government, doesn’t have to make a profit. It just exists because of individual human greed. That’s Bitcoin.

And people are hard at work translating the same economics that made Bitcoin unstoppable to every other area of life.

I’m chiwbaka, and I want to guide you into crypto, so we can save ourselves. Since 2017 I’ve worked on the innards of many blockchains, like QRL, aeternity, Cosmos, Aragon Vocdoni, not to mention several economic studies and simulations in DeFi.

What I’m going to write about, twice a week

Project Reviews
Sitrep/News (less often)
Philosophy/Broader Context

Programming in crypto (free)
Crypto Basics (free)